Free 3-day virtual women's health summit

"The Mind-Body-Spirit Elevation"
Reshaping, Refocusing & Recharging
Your Health

November 8 - 10

5 PM - 8 PM EST

You will learn how to:

  • Reignite your health goals and immediately implement a plan before the end of 2022.
  • Be more mindful of your health in order to pursue more purpose, passion and positivity.
  • Start creating a healthier and more meaningful relationship with your Body.
  • Understand and be more aware of the relationship of the Mind, Body and Spirit in order to live more holistically!

Get ready for Day #1

November 8, 2022
5:00pm Eastern Time

Welcome Video

by your host of the FREE Virtual Women's Health Summit, Dr. Kathryn Tapper aka Dr. KTap

Hosted by Dr. Dr. KTap

Dr. Kathryn Tapper aka Dr. KTap is the Founder of JustGLOW Coaching and Consulting, a company that focuses on holistic health and wellness to empower women to DOMINATE their diagnosis and live their DESTINY.

This Jamaican born doctor uses her personal journey from patient to physician to help others succeed in life. 

Dr. KTap is a Health and Wellness Transformation Specialist, A Holistic Board Certified Family Medicine Physician and the Author of the upcoming book, “You Are Greater Than Your Diagnosis”.

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